The Day Anderson Cooper Came Out

Anderson Cooper is gay! : It's actually not new news, and reactions to the announcement were somewhere in between  Ricky Martin's, which was "Derrrr..." and Jack McFarland's, which would have been more shocking if his sexual preference was the alternative.
NYC Gay Pride Parade just after same-sex
marriage passed in NY State,  June 2011.

 Especially free-tongued news venues slapped a big "Duh" sticker on their stories and photos: what every other major news corporation social gurus were forced to express in politically corrected language.

How g-d damn empowering:

The youth of the digital media era are altering history with photos and Tweets and online campaigns that a minority of seniors even know how to access. In front of our eyes, the LGBT civil rights movement is happening: it is now not shocking and not extraordinary to be gay. 

With the endorsement of President Obama, of Oreo's and of Oprah along with the abandonment of Christian groups' programs attempting to "Pray the Gay Away" and Ahmedinejad's disbelief in gays being found as a media miscommunication, people in our contributing society are now more ostracized for being anti-gay than pro-gay. That is a fact. 

The announcement was a frenzy for journalists, who are increasingly struggling to attract the attention of the public and simultaneously hide their inevitable biases with this newfound social-media-transparency- problem (that journalists inevitably have biases- and some of the greatest started in journalism because of their incredible biases). 

The Washington Post even accused him of having specific timing, but the point of their story only proves his plea for a separation of personal and private matters all more noble. The fact that Cooper came out at one of the slowest and lowest times for news he could find was proof of his superior journalistic integrity.