Now, Your Boss Can Decide Your Birth Control!

The Hobby Lobby Case: Your boss can now decide whether or not you get birth control.

In the ultimate blending of religion, politics and sex, today the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision to allow for-profit companies which are "closely held" to deny contraceptive coverage to women on a basis of a strong religious belief. This means that companies headed by religious extremists can deny birth control to women.

Let us be clear: with this ruling, the sexual freedoms provided by Viagra and vasectomies are still covered for men. And despite the fact that 58 percent of birth control users do so for medical reasons, not for reproductive control, people who think that an angel impregnated a virgin and interpret a 2000-year-old tribal story passed along by hundreds of years of hearsay as the moral authority now have the ability to trump all medical and social data gathered through the resources developed in those 2000 years. They now have the right to deny you your right to use the methods of regulation to your cycle that can ensure your mental and physical health and your ability to plan your family.

It is a fact that when women can make their own family planning decisions, women are able to better care for their children because they are better equipped. When children are cared for properly by a family who is able to support them, they are more likely to succeed in school, to be mentally stable, and to avoid drugs

This ruling, in favor of a company's nonsensical opinions over an individual's carefully constructed family planning decisions, is a win for no one in a progressive society. 

Similarly and sadly to the way Shari'a law, metziztah b'peh, honor killings, suicide bombings, child molestation and polygyny are defended- by a right to religious exceptionalism- so is the right to deny birth control to women.